Micah Buzan is a self-taught animator and musician.

Being a one-man-studio, he has direct experience handling every facet of 2D Animation – from storyboarding, character design, background art, compositing, directing, and drawing the thousands of frames that make up a few minutes of animation.

Skipping formal education, he learned animation by making flip books for his songs in 2009. Through experimentation with both traditional and digital media, he’s developed a style that has been described as intensely vibrant, organic, and fluid. Much like in a dream, he often edits scenes to flow seamlessly as one continuous shot, evolving from one environment into another. Metamorphosis, growth, and decay are recurring themes.

In 2013, he won a music video contest for The Flaming Lips, which acted as stepping stone to collaborating with more musicians, as well as animating clips for a variety of non-music related projects – such as documentaries and explainer videos for science websites.

Some artists he’s animated for include Moon Duo, Incubus, Nick Hakim, and Jiyoon from the South Korean pop group 4Minute.

His animation work has been featured on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, Pitchfork, and StereoGum.

He posts his art, music, and vlogs talking about the creative process on Youtube.