I’m Micah Buzan, a self-taught animator and musician.

I learned animation by making music videos for my songs in 2009. 

In 2013, I animated a music video for The Flaming Lips and have worked on other band’s videos since then. 

I post my art, music, and videos talking about the creative process on Youtube.

Experimentation plays a big role in my animation. I’m influenced by a wide range of animation styles – from anime films like Spirited Way and Akira, to Walt Disney’s Steamboat Willie and Fantasia.

My music is inspired by experimental rock bands, electronic, psychedelic, and retro video game soundtracks. I play all the instruments in my songs, and also record and mix the tracks on my iMac. I like to have as much creative control as possible over what I produce.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

– Micah Buzan

Currently recording a new Album called DREAM MACHINE and making Animated Music Videos for each track.

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