Do You Swallow Spiders In Your Sleep? (Explainer Animation)

“The average person swallows 8 spiders a year while sleeping”.

I think we’ve all been paranoid after hearing this one. I spent a few nights reminding myself to sleep with my mouth closed just in case any adventurous spiders were in the mood to explore my mouth. Mostly I spend my nights afraid of Chucky, but that’s a different story (I think furry spiders are kind of cute, but Dolls still creep me out).

Well, luckily this myth has no foundation in truth, and a quick google search will yield many reasons for why this is not true. You’ll find the myth was likely started from an insect folklore book, and perpetuated by Lisa Holst as a social experiment to see just how easily people will accept false information as truth. Thus began one of the most popular myths circulated through the power of the internet.

This myth got me thinking about drawing spiders. Well, since I do animation, I figured I’d make a short film about it.

I animated, voiced and did the music for this whacky little educational film.  I hope it clearly dispels the myth that humans consistently swallow spiders in their sleep. I hope you like this quirky little animation!

  • Micah Buzan


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