Moon Duo – Cold Fear (Music Video)

For Moon Duo’s music video, I had 5 weeks to make 5 minutes of animation. Being a one-man-studio, one minute of animation can easily take me 100 hours to produce. Oddly enough, I was mostly in a calm state while making this animation, despite the tight deadline. I learned how to animate more quickly by trusting in the process to take care of itself. I animated one scene after another, with basically no idea for what was going to happen next. Moon Duo gave my some tips for the video and a general idea for how to end it so that we could lead into the next video, but other than knowing the ending, I had no idea what I was doing.

Cold Fear had it’s premiere on Adult Swim, and was featured as Stereogum’s top music video of the week.

The main objective was to create visuals that matched the paranoid energy of Moon Duo’s song. There is a theme in my animation of growth and decay, which mirrors Moon Duo’s Yin and Yang concept from their new work.

Cold Fear is only half the story. There’s a second music video I’m currently working on with Moon Duo.

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Micah Buzan

(Image from the upcoming video).