Roller Skates (Animation)

Nick Hakim’s song gave me a really lonely, nostalgic feeling. The feeling one has while longing for something just out of reach.

While making this animation, I was thinking about how everyone is alone in this world. No matter how much you reach out to someone, they’ll still never know what it’s like to be you from the inside.

I wanted to tell a simple story about lonely characters who all desire something they can’t seem to get – be it love, a stuffed animal, or the ability to skate well. I also tried to make it kind of funny how expectations don’t live up to reality.

In the end, rollerskating unites all the characters as they join together in the roller rink. We might feel alone, but we’re all in this life experiment together.

I had 4 weeks to animate this video. It’s my 4th music video this year. Feeling drained yet eager to get started on the next project.


Micah Buzan