Social Anxiety and Creativity

Vlog discussing social anxiety, creativity, public speaking, and overcoming fear.

Creativity comes with the territory of being born. So does anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and other mental health issues. I think creative expression can be a good emotional outlet for these negative states of mind. The creative impulse is as natural as fear.

In the video I talk about how I spoke to a couple 5th grade classes about art with my friend Kristin Helling.

I was super nervous at first, but I’m so glad I did this. We had a lot of fun answering the kid’s questions.

Passion trumps anxiety.

If you struggle with anxiety, how do you cope with it? Leave any thoughts you may have below!

Micah Buzan


2 thoughts on “Social Anxiety and Creativity”

  1. That is a really cool vid. I don’t suffer from social anxiety, but I am anxious (very anxious) about things in my life so I can sort of relate. You are obviously very intelligent and you are more artistically creative than the average bear IMO. I think that, as you age, you will feel more comfortable in your own skin and probably notice a decrease in your SA. Also, being a dad, it was funny hearing you talk of kids as “creatures” I lol, because I used to think of kids as annoying and bothersome. But when I became a parent I completely changed – it is similar to thinking about your friend and not wanting to let her down when she said “pls don’t make me do this alone”. As a parent I never even hesitate to want to help my boy – it delights me. I think you would be a great dad, and then kids won’t seem like alien creatures, they will be kids that you like hang out with, and teach them and have fun with – it is a great feeling. Anyway good luck and keep up the great work!

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