Micah Buzan – Animator & Musician


Hey! I’m Micah Buzan, a self-taught animator and musician.

I learned animation by making music videos for my songs starting in 2009. While I originally started out making psychedelic drawings on notecards, I now combine digital and analog animation techniques. I’m influenced by a wide range of animation styles – from anime films like Spirited Way and Akira to Disney’s Steamboat Willie and Fantasia.

I’m inspired by the free-flowing logic of dreams, and thus base my working methods on spontaneous thoughts and emotions as they arise. While I normally do rough sketches and demos of my songs before committing to the final version, I rarely follow my initial plans too strictly because I like to allow some room for improvisation.

I think it’s easiest to work when specific expectations aren’t being forced. I love the philosophy of Wabi Sabi: nothing is perfect, nothing is finished, nothing lasts.

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