My First Animation

Behind the scenes of my first 2d animation. I drew each drawing frame by frame, flibbook style.

I was inspired to animate one night after watching Ren and Stimpy as a confused and angsty 19 year old. My process for learning animation was trial and error. I don’t think college is necessary if you have the passion to learn it yourself. Thanks to the internet and books like Richard William’s The Animator’s Survival Kit, anything is possible if you put in the time to learn and don’t give up!

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Childhood Sketchbooks

Here’s some art from when I was a kid. These two sketchbooks were made from the ages of 6 to 8.

I had a fascination with drawing crab arms, action figure battles, and, um … male anatomy.

It’s just as natural for a baby to scribble as it is to babble. Due to the primacy of language in social life, learning to talk is encouraged more so than learning to draw. Although social life as we know it would be a lot harder without words, communicating with pictures has a special meaning. In a way, drawing is more personal than talking, since each line a person makes is a unique language spoken only by that artist.

For animation work, you can head over to YouTube.

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